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About Rishi Group

Rishi Group was established in 2005 , with property development as its main focus. Today, Rishi is one of leading property developers. We are headquartered in Lucknow. We have a uniquely diverse multi-domain portfolio that covers property development, property management services, madical services & water solution. Our projects extend across several major areas in Lucknow.


To be a reputed company of people's, love and trust with highest business standards in the real estate and other services.


To be leader in providing scalable, safe and affordable residential solutions and services to the people through our innovative business approaches. Specially focused to design, build and market residential and commercial complexes of latest quality

Board of Directors

We are known to be a professionally managed organisation with a stable and confident business model. We have shown an impressive compounded annual growth rateā€”even during difficult market and business cycles. And in the process of successfully negotiating changing conditions, Rishi Group has created a brand name that stands for trust, reliability and innovation, across all our domains.

Manish Verma

Chairman and Founder Director.

Dr.Namrata Yadav

Director- Rishi Hospital

Dr. Archana Verma

Director- Rishi Hospital


Director- General Affairs

R.K Verma

Director- Rishi Colonisers

Mrs. Usha Singh

Director- Rishi Colonisers

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Rishi Group of Companies
Near Anandi Water Park
Faizabad Road,Lucknow
Mobile : +91-9415023114
Phone : 0522-6563220
Email :

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